Meet Bruce.

Bruce BatDog Lane

Meet Bruce BatDog Lane

Bruce by name; BatDog by training — A black Labrador Retriever honing his competitive athletic abilities and sharing his superior powers of unconditional love and innate desire to please the humans of the world. Especially his Handler (a/k/a Mom.)

“Hi! My name’s Bruce and I live in Woof City — Home of the Woof. My handler (a/k/a/ Mom or Batman nut), chose my name Bruce BatDog Lane because she thought it sounded like Bruce Wayne. (Never mind that Batman’s dog was actually named Ace and was officially the BatHOUND.) I think she has a secret crush on the playboy Wayne and his crime-fighting alter ego. Alas, this has created an expectation that I cut a dashing figure by day and that I continuously hone my athletic skills to garner “super hero” abilities in all areas of my training which include agility, obedience, acting, therapy dog, and rally. I also dabble in a few tricks and a few other worthwhile pursuits to impress my Mom and showcase my real “super powers”; loving and pleasing my Mom and others.

If my handler (a/k/a directionally challenged Mom), can ever learn to distinguish her right from her left; I hope we’ll be entering our first agility competition soon. This home that I share with the opinionated Mistress of the Manor (Missy, the Pekingese), needs some blue ribbons. Woof!”

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Bruce BatDog Lane at Barkfest ©2012

Bruce BatDog Lane at Barkfest ©2012