Practice. Practice. Practice.

I train at What a Great Dog! Training Center, in Prosper, Texas honing my skills to bring home my first blue ribbon.

Puppy Class — Maureen Patin CPDT-KA
Basic Obedience — Maureen Patin CPDT-KA
Intermediate Obedience — Maureen Patin CPDT-KA
AKC Canine Good Citizenship — Maureen Patin CPDT-KA
Agility 1 — Maureen Patin CPDT-KA
Agility 2 — Maureen Patin CPDT-KA
Agility 3 — Maureen Patin CPDT-KA
Agility 4 — Maureen Patin CPDT-KA
Pre-Novice Agility — Jody Lolich
Pre-Rally — Victoria Hynes
Rally 1 — Victoria Hynes

4 thoughts on “Training.

  1. Hey Bruce “BatDog” Lane,

    Both my DogDaddy and I are proud of your desire to be all that you can be. Also, we weren’t aware of your plan to get certified for Dog Therapy. The world needs more dogs giving our special brand of unconditional love to improve the lives of both adults and children.

    Elle & g2

    • Hello Ms. Elle. Glad you stopped by. When my mom’s dad was in a skilled nursing center I got to go visit him often before he passed away last May. I really enjoyed the time I spent with all the neighbors there. We’ve been waiting for a class to open at WAGD that fit our schedule and am so excited to start our training with Shari Degan. I’m Woof ready to spread some love to others and do my part to make the world a better, happier place. I’ll let you know how it goes, I’m going to write about the journey often.

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