Facebook Called me a Pet


Bruce BatDog Lane

Bruce checking his Facebook page.

Facebook wants to sell advertising.  To sell advertising they have to accurately account for the number of real “humans” that advertisers will be reaching when the buy ads on Facebook.  Who wants to pay to reach inactive or duplicate accounts? That’s reasonable.

Facebook’s share price dropped below $20 at the beginning of August when they admitted to reports of  “slowing growth” and “an admission of an alarming number of fake accounts.” Facebook has grown to have 955 million users this year, and according to figures reported by mynbc.com, where I learned all this and more, as many as 83 million of those accounts are fake. That includes as many as 5% which are duplicate accounts, 1.5%  are likely spam accounts, and then Facebook went on to blame “people who set up accounts for non-human entities, such as pets” when explaining the number of fake accounts. They singled us out.

Pets. That’d be me by their definition. Why they’d call me a pet, I don’t know.  I’m a member of my family:  while I may not have a birth certificate, I do have an AKC certificate documenting my name as Bruce BatDog Lane, certifying my parentage and date of birth. I get birthday presents and Christmas presents, I go to day camp, school, on vacations, and obviously have my own blog — what makes them think I’m a pet?

I jumped to a BatDog conclusion fairly quickly that pets would soon be high on the list of Facebook offenders and decided to see how they intended to accommodate pets with profiles, after all there are humans with pets using their site. I started snooping around Facebook looking at the page descriptions available to my “pet” friends when they decided to convert their profiles to pages.  Facebook offers six categories when creating a page and none of the descriptions include pets, dogs, cats, flying pigs, parrots, or anything similar as far as I can see.  Then a lightbulb went off and I decided to investigate the page Mark Zuckerberg created for his dog, Beast, and uncovered that page is set up as a “Public Figure”.  (This offered me some measure of solace as my Facebook page was created under the Public Figure designation also and therefore puts me in good company with Beast.)

On Sunday, August 26, I read a blog report on Socialeyezer.com sharing that Facebook really is deleting all inactive and non-human accounts. I deduce that shareholders and maximizing advertising revenue are two powerful motivators for Facebook to get serious about their Terms of Service (TOS): a handy-dandy little agreement that allows them to close your account without notice.

My detective work leads me to these two suggestions if you believe your Facebook profile might be placed on the “non-human” offender list. First, download your Facebook profile so that you have a backup to reload your content if needed and then quickly convert your profile to an appropriate page as soon as possible.  Woof!

Own Your Woof®

Social Media is for the Dogs

Social Media for Dogs is Important Too

Which shelf has the WordPress for Dogs books?

Two days of bad weather around here has just about zapped all the fun out of most everything.  It’s been raining cats and cats, (no way it would ever rain dogs), the training room was booked, and Nosey Missy has been underfoot every time we try to navigate Mom’s improvised agility practice indoors. It requires some delicate maneuvering to practice weaves in the house when you’re a big dog like me. And, you know how they say a bored dog is a dog looking for trouble?  Well, I decided to stir some up.  This is a rally call for all dogs to own their woof and meet me offleash.

Every day Mom is talking to all these people about SEO this and SEO that, Bluehost, Plugins, Yoast, Pinterest, HootSuite, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook, and a multitude of other foreign words with no meaning to me other than … she isn’t focused on ME!

Since one of her favorite topics is how smart I am (which I am), I decided I’d start a blog where I can talk about what I want with whomever I want.  Otherwise, the only voice I have is what she wants everyone to hear on Facebook.  And as you can imagine, our interests, thoughts, and version of events often differ. She’s on FaceBook talking to the Mom’s of my dog friends discussing everything from dog treats to who got their you-know-whats “taken care of”. (Speaking of, do you think the vet labels ’em in glass jars and puts ’em on a shelf?)  Anyway, I have a feeling she’s getting ready to see how I feel about using carrots instead of Zuke’s in our agility training and I’m thinking … NOT!

My other dog friends are probably going to want to know all about how to start a blog and I have to admit that I was struggling with what to tell them because Mom said she wasn’t taking part in anything that was, “going to come to no good.” In exchange for surrendering my logins and passowords yesterday, she did give me a ride in the BatCube to Barnes and Noble, where we picked up the book, “WordPress 24-Hour Trainer“, written by George Plumley to review for my recommended reading list. It comes with a handy-dandy training CD.

As we were waiting in line to checkout, I was thinking, where’s the “Mastering Agility in 24-Hours” book and CD? Woof!

Own Your Woof®