Woof!  Thanks for meeting me offleash. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you’ll contact me often whether just to chat, talk about ways to improve my blog and website, or simply keep in touch.

If you’re ready to Own Your Woof®, and Meet me Offleash in Woof City — Home of the Woof!™, you can send me an email by clicking on the link below.  I will review your request and start the process of welcoming you to Woof City with our yown blogging login and password. Bruce: Send me my official Offleash Blogging Rights

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If you have a pet product or service that you think I’d find really fun, meaningful, or helpful to me and my Woof City pals, you can submit your request for official BatDog Approval by emailing Ask Mom. (But you should probably copy me on the email because we don’t always agree.  Woof!)

Spam email should be directed to the dark alleys of Woof City and sent to the dump where it belongs.



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