September 2012

BatDog Mission:  Dog Biscuits for Sonic

09/17/12; The BatDog Biscuit Mission:  I was so happy to see my Sonic girlfriend, Ashley, after the weekend. On my way to Camp Rover this morning, I detoured for a quick BatDog mission and stopped in to see her. I left her a whole bag full of my favorite dog biscuits to share with my Woof City friends when they stop by for a visit.  My favorite dog biscuit is made by Instinct (yummy Chicken flavor) and I get them from What A Great Dog! all the time.


A Night On The Town.

09/15/12; The BatDog went to the Paws in the City Benefit in Deep Ellum on Saturday night. Proceeds from the event benefitted Paws in the City and the park.  Paws in the City is dedicated to helping adoptable dogs and cats find loving homes.  As a donor of the event, I had to be there for the curtain call when sponsor paintings were unveiled.


UPS For Me?

09/10/12; I’ve got a new job as an official Toy Tester.  Once a month I get a package addressed to *me* with a new toy to test. Then, I get to write a review and rate the toy.  This little green-eyed monster is getting a perfect 10 so far.  What a gig. Woof!


A Bone and Some Pictures

09/09/12; I’m starting to find it a little suspicious when Mom picks up that big black thing, hangs it around her neck and says, “Wanna go outside?” I’ve already been outside to practice jumps, met Superman (he’s four years old), fetched the newspaper, and practiced heeling.  Then Mom says she’ll give me a good bone if I’ll help her take some pictures.  Woof!


The BatDog’s Art Gallery

09/06/12; New “Bird Dog” artwork added to the Arkansas series which includes “Stakeout” and “Weave”.


The Duck Pond

09/01/12; No Chasing Ducks? No Swimming?  Why are We Here?

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  1. Hey Nelea, Site updates look great! Starting with header and that batdana still blows me away! Like the gallery and the photos really tell a story.

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