Woof City.

Welcome to Woof City — Home of the Woof!™ and Bruce BatDog Lane.  The BatDog is not the only heroic dog or person in Woof City seeking to make the world a better place. Heroes can sometimes be born of adversity or opportunity to accept challenges and change. They have big hearts and the steely determination to carry-on and positively impact the lives of those around them.  Some might be dedicated professionals, organizations, practitioners, or even athletes, artists, or entertainers. Others are heroes that inspire the citizens of Woof City to be dedicated and honorable competitors and pursue their dreams. Super heroes are equipped with the most impressive array of tools available:  empathy, compassion, integrity, loyalty, patience, service, dedication, and knowledge. They hone their abilities with continuous study, training, and devotion to their respective talents or civic, philanthropic, and humanitarian pursuits.  Sometimes, the best super hero is the one that just makes you smile and be glad to be part of the world.

Bruce BatDog Lane and Dolce at Prospering Farms Agility Fun Match

The BatDog and Dolce at a Prospering Farms Agility Fun Match. Photo copyright 2012. Used with permission.

Woof!  Meet Dolce Gambino, a former Greyhound racer, agility athlete and certified Therapy Dog. Bruce and Dolce first met at an Agility Recallers class and began getting to know each other.  Dolce recently was awarded his Therapy Dog Certification and this is his story. Click here to read more …

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